Buckley may be right, but is wrong on the timing

It will come as a surprise to no one that Nathan Buckley Mick Malthouse didn’t get along. It certainly can’t surprise Malthouse.

It does come as a surprise that Buckley chose the morning after Malthouse was inducted into the Hall of Fame to talk about it.

Buckley speaks so well, is so measured and reasonable that it was remarkable that he badly failed this test of timing. He has been restrained over the years in not biting at provocations, and this was not the moment to bite.

Buckley was right in much of what he said, if a little inflammatory to use the term enemy, but he was wrong to choose this moment to talk about their relationship breakdown. This might have been a conversational radio interview, reflective in style, but Buckley should have understood how it would be received, and that the morning after the Hall of Fame was a moment to simply dwell on Malthouse’s achievements, and not the personal animus.

He was seeking to convey that he better understood his former coach’s personality now and Malthouse’s psychology for behaving as he did. But it came out wrongly.


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