Camilla’s cheeky wink after Trump visit

The President and First Lady joined the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall at their home at Clarence House for tea on Monday.

After the private meeting, all four posed in a room for photographs and President Trump met further members of the royal entourage.

As they were leaving the room, the Duchess of Cornwall winked cheekily at the men who had just shaken hands with the President.

The gesture was broadcast on Sky News and noticed by royal watchers, who joked it could be code for the Secret Service.

The official visit began with a royal welcome at Buckingham Palace where Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall met Trump and the First Lady as they landed on Marine One.

He was then introduced to the Queen where the handshake was also picked up by some on social media as being more like a “fist bump”.

Read full coverage of President Trump’s state visit to the UK here.

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