Blues won’t ‘slash and burn’ in wake of Bolton sacking: Judd


“To have another loss, but not just the loss, a loss where the energy seemed completely void from the group, and to kick only four goals meant that we were worried that the pressure of having a coach under so much scrutiny was starting to weigh the players down, and it made sense to act now in the interests of the club.”

Judd said the club had not begun the process of selecting the next full-time coach, with Bolton’s assistant David Teague handed the interim role, but did hint that the Blues were after an experienced coach.

“This is not a case where the club slashes and burns and goes back to square one,” he said.

“We’re not going back feeling like we need to trade out older players and get in more youth or anything like that.


“The strategy is still wanting senior talent on our list after going to the draft for three years, and stability is still important.

“Regardless of the age, it’s not a period of our football club where we go lower than where we are to go back up.

“We need someone to pick up where Brendon left off. There was a lot of things that have developed at Brendon’s time at the club and we need a coach that’s going to have an immediate impact.”

Judd, an ardent supporter of Bolton’s and a member of the committee that initially hand-picked him to coach the club back in 2015, has come under fire for his performance in his own role at the club, particularly from Blues legend Mark Maclure.

In response, Judd said that he felt he could help the club, but would gladly move on from his post if the members wanted him gone.

“I think I can make a valuable contribution to this footy club and I think I’ve got a skill set that it needs,” he said.

“But on the same hand, we are underperforming and it’s not acceptable and we all need to work out ways to improve and get our club where it needs to be.

“Ultimately, I’m answerable to the members, if they want to move me on then so be it. If the other directors think there’s someone better suited to the job then so be it.

“In the meantime, my job is to focus on what I need to do to help our club move back up the ladder.”

Despite the fact that Bolton left the Blues with an unenviable win-loss record, Judd praised the impact that the former coach had on the playing group.

Chris Judd during his playing days at Carlton. Now a director of football, Judd said he would step aside from his role should the members want him gone.Credit:Sebastian Costanzo

“I was part of the committee that selected him, so I would have loved for it to work out better,” he said.

“The job back when we made the selection wasn’t a highly coveted job, different to how it is now.


“Some people will naturally say, ‘Well the last four years has been a waste for our football club’. I don’t think that’s true.

“I think the job is much more highly sought after inside the industry now than it was back then and a lot of that is because of the hard work that Brendon has done.”

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