Adrian Milat really didn’t want to talk to Kyle and Jackie O

Backpacker killer Ivan Milat, 74, is back in a Sydney prison where he’s likely to die, following a stint in a nearby hospital for treatment for terminal cancer.

Milat has oesophageal cancer, which has spread to his stomach, and as it is unclear how long he has to live some of his family members have spoken to the press.

Kyle & Jackie O’s team decided to jump on board and send Milat’s grandson Adrian a message to see if he was willing to speak on the show.

However, it’s clear from the response they received — which was posted on the show’s Instagram page — that Adrian Milat was far from interested.

“I’d rather take a paper cut to the scrotum than talk to some bimbo & fat lard on the radio about any topic — let alone that cockroach Ivan, who is (as) about as important/interesting to me as dried dogs**t,” he wrote in the brutal response.

He then continued with a softer tone: “Thank you … but I will have to decline your offer. Thank you for your understanding. Best wishes.”

The strongly-worded response chimes with an earlier statement he gave about his grandfather to a Herald Sun journalist.

“Mate I couldn’t give the slightest f**k about that c**t or whether he lives or dies to be frank,” he said, referring to his grandfather. “Better off dead anyway and save the taxpayer some dinero.”

Milat’s nephew Alistair Shipsey has offered a very different insight — saying Milat does not want to die and wants to clear his name.

He said his uncle’s condition was “very bad” and he may only have a couple of weeks to live.

Backpacker murderer Ivan Milat. Picture: AAP Image/SuppliedSource:AAP

Milat has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Picture: 7 News

Milat has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Picture: 7 NewsSource:Channel 7

Milat arrived at Long Bay jail on Tuesday afternoon in the back of the 4WD after a fifteen-minute trip from Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick where he was diagnosed with oesophagus and stomach cancer.

Gaunt and bespectacled, Milat was dressed in prison greens in handcuffs and ankles shackled when he was brought to a white four-wheel drive in a wheelchair.

Pictures shows his white hair is balding and the killer’s infamous handlebar moustache has also turned completely white.

Milat will be detained at the prison hospital within the Long Bay Correctional Complex.

The frail 74-year-old was transferred in a convoy of two identical Nissan Patrols while a police helicopter hovered overhead.

It’s clear Milat’s grandson had no time for Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. Picture: Supplied

It’s clear Milat’s grandson had no time for Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

Milat was found guilty in 1996 of murdering seven backpackers whose bodies were found in makeshift graves in the 1990s.

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