Chris Scott lauds brother Brad’s ‘amicable parting of ways’ with Roos

“I don’t really know the situation but it seems to me that there’s an amicable parting of ways. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often with professional sporting clubs.”

Asked whether he had any awareness of the unfolding situation, Scott said: “Did I have an inkling? Over time I did, but I didn’t have anything specific.

“I don’t want to comment on things I don’t know about. I very rarely comment on opposition coaches, much less my brother … I mean, we’re close, we talk a lot, but we actually don’t talk about footy that much, you’d be surprised,” he said with a grin.

Of his side’s hard-fought win, ground out against a gritty Suns outfit, Scott was pleased.

“We’re happy to get the win. We expected it to be tight … having played a bit of footy up here at night myself, and with [assistant coach] Nigel Lappin’s experience, we assumed it was going to be slippery, and get slipperier as the game went on.

“The way the Suns have been playing is pretty clear. It’s obvious what they’re trying to do with their method. They haven’t got over the line as often as they could have, but they’ve lost a lot of close games and that was the expectation we came with tonight.”

Tom Hawkins was a huge presence for the Cats all night, handling the ball as if it were dry. “He’s a very good wet weather player, so we’ve got great confidence in those conditions when we get the ball to him in a 50-50.

“I’m not great in the immediate aftermath of judging the best players on the ground [but] he almost looked the difference at times.”

Purring: Tim Kelly just keeps improving for the Cats.Credit:AAP

Of Tim Kelly, who was again best on ground, there is probably not much left to be said, other than how the Cats might keep him.

“You shouldn’t take too much notice of my analysis of where players sit within the comp. I parrot what I’ve heard from others,” Scott said, in a wry attempt at deflection. “But if he’s not in the top five or six players in the comp at the moment, there must be some pretty good players out there.”

As for his team, which sits at the top of the ladder with nine wins from 10 rounds, Scott was similarly unfazed.

“I’ve heard that we’re up there with the best teams in the comp, and I guess by ladder position that’s probably right, but it doesn’t really feel like that to us,” he said.

“That’s not necessarily being pessimistic, it’s more a matter of saying [there’s] a lot of footy to be played. We think we’ve got a lot of improvement left in us.

“My old coach Leigh Matthews used to talk about this as just the qualification stage. So if you get too happy with where you’re at at Round 10, you can get a rude shock when it really counts.”

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