Grant Denyer reveals actress cheated on her partner at Logies party

The reigning Gold Logie winner told that he likes to keep himself relatively tidy at the event, but not many stars are the same.

“Logies for me is a work event and I behave accordingly,” Denyer said. “They are my employers and future employers so there’s no chance in the world I’m going to disgrace myself by being smashed, off my face or an absolute dirt bag on the dancefloor.”

But Denyer told a well known actress had a different philosophy a few years ago.

“I’ve seen some people go pretty hard. I once saw an actress hook up with an American visiting star at an after-party in front of everyone. And that actress had a partner. I was like, ‘Whoa, saucy!’”

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Grant Denyer and his wife Cheryl Denyer at the 2018 Logie Awards.Source:AAP

Denyer wouldn’t reveal who the actress was but he did name and shame the hosts of a morning program who went pretty hard at last year’s Logies.

“If you saw Studio 10 the morning after the Logies last year, you would realise that clearly that table was the one to be on,” Denyer recalled.

“Joe Hildebrand was hosting Studio 10 Weekend At Bernie’s style. He couldn’t stand, he couldn’t talk and he wore his sunglasses for the entire four hours of the show.”

This year’s TV Week Logie Awards will take place on June 30 at The Star Gold Coast and the nominees will be announced this Sunday.

So who does Denyer think will win the Gold Logie?

“Amanda Keller. She’s a divine individual and there was a lot of momentum and support for her last year. I think it’s her turn,” he said.

Amanda Keller at the 60th Annual Logie Awards.

Amanda Keller at the 60th Annual Logie Awards.Source:Getty Images

When Denyer won the Gold Logie last year he didn’t have a TV show on air at the time after Family Feud was axed.

He’s now back on our screens hosting Celebrity Name Game weeknights on Channel 10 — a show in which contestants get help from Aussie celebrities.

So far the most talented celebrity on the show has been Angela Bishop who has helped three groups of contestants win big.

And the least impressive?

“It took a little while for Lisa Wilkinson to warm up,” Denyer laughed.

“She’s a very refined, distinguished, classy lady and getting her to say the word ‘Uranus’ on national television wasn’t easy. She was very reluctant. But it was the word we needed her to say. She fought it until she had no choice.

“It was like hearing the Queen swear,” he joked.

Celebrity Name Game airs weeknights at 6pm on Channel 10

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