Brothers sliced by fish in freak encounter

But two brothers fishing in New South Wales this afternoon have one hell of a tale to tell their mates.

The men, aged 46 and 48, were fishing with another 46-year-old man off Wooli, a small town north of Coffs Harbour, when the freak encounter unfolded.

One brother suffered a serious gash to his lower arm. Picture: Nikki VossSource:Supplied

He had to be flown to hospital. Picture: Nikki Voss

He had to be flown to hospital. Picture: Nikki VossSource:Supplied

Their 5m rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB for short) was cruising about 40km/h through the Solitary Islands Marine Park about lunch time when the big marlin shot out of the water.

The marlin was said to have weighed between 80 and 100kg and came crashing into the boat, snout first.

Its sharp spear-like nose sliced open the younger brother’s lower right arm, causing it to fracture, while leaving the older bro with a deep gash on his right shoulder.

The other man managed to avoid the fish, which safely made it back into the water after its vicious onslaught.

The other brother came off better. Picture: Nikki Voss

The other brother came off better. Picture: Nikki VossSource:Supplied

Police were told about the bizarre fish tale as the younger brother was flown to Coffs Harbour Base Hospital.

His older brother followed by road and both have survived to tell of their misadventure.

Still, the situation could have been a lot worse.

Last year a group of Sunshine Coast anglers hauled a 650kg black marlin off the Queensland coast, said to be the largest of its kind caught in Australia in over 30 years.

Imagine this thing coming for you….


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