Central station shooting officer had ‘no choice’

Danukul “Dan” Mokmool was shot dead after arming himself with scissors and running at police on the packed Eddy Avenue concourse outside Central Station on July 26, 2017.

“I didn’t want to (shoot him) but he really gave me no choice,” Senior Constable Frederick Tse told the NSW Coroners Court on Tuesday.

Snr Const Tse told the inquest into Mr Mokmool’s death he and three other officers had arrived 20 seconds earlier on the concourse to see an armed man pacing in a small florist shop and a big crowd of commuters watching on.

“He obviously realised we were police and said to me ‘I’m not giving up’,” Snr Const Tse said.

“The way he said it wasn’t a plea or an aggression. It was like he was stating a fact, ‘this is how it is’.”

Danukul Mokmool was shot dead by police at Central Station after threatening a florist and holding a broken bottle to his throat.Source:News Corp Australia

After police drew their guns and demanded Mr Mokmool drop his weapons, Snr Const Tse said he saw one officer fire a jet of capsicum spray towards Mr Mokmool but it had no apparent effect.

“A second or so later, he looked at me and yelled ‘I’m going to kill you’,” Snr Const Tse said.

“His demeanour changed and he just charged … in the running posture but running with his blades.”

Snr Const Tse said he moved about three paces back but realised the 30-year-old was quickly closing the seven-metre gap between them.

“He got within three metres, I let off three rounds. He fell to the ground,” he said.

Snr Const Tse said Mr Mokmool had “basically pushed all other options out”.

“If I had more time, I could have tried a different tactic but there was really nothing else I could have done,” he said.

The inquest continues.


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