An election tweet, a barrage of abuse in response, a plea for civility

I woke late-ish on Sunday morning. We’d had the most fabulous night as a family celebrating my youngest daughter’s wedding to a wonderful young man. The drinks flowed like wine, we danced our feet off and the love and happiness was palpable.

Re-elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison watches his Cronulla Sharks in action on Sunday. Credit:AAP

The only downer was when we got the surprise result for the election. Almost without exception, the mostly young, inner-city, left-leaning, arty-farty crowd decided to put their disappointment to one side and continue to party. I sent a couple of ill-advised tweets to express my dashed hopes (note to self: never drink and tweet) before I, too, gave myself a quick talking-to and went back to enjoying the celebration with my daughter and new son-in-law.

When I woke, the first thing that hit me on the screen of my phone was a message calling me an “absolute bitch …” I didn’t read any further. There was also a barrage from people offering me a trip to the airport – not in a nice way – because I had said I wished I was a New Zealander.

My eldest daughter, who is an administrator on my facebook account, revealed she had spent the morning deleting similar messages and bad wishes so I didn’t see them. I love my daughters.


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