Alex Turnbull takes credit for Tony Abbott’s ousting

“I am very happy I got rid of Tony,” the son of the former prime minister told Nine. “Tony was very much a terrorist.”

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On the Coalition’s surprise victory, the 36-year-old said his father “was happy Scott Morrison won it on his own terms”.

He said he was disappointed as a climate change action supporter, but added that Mr Morrison was “deserving of credit” and ran a “presidential” style campaign.

Malcolm Turnbull’s son Alex has taken credit for the ousting of Tony Abbott from his seat of Warringah, deeming him ‘very much a terrorist’ within the Liberal Party.Source:Supplied

The night before the election, it was revealed Alex Turnbull had voiced a robocall urging Warringah voters not to vote for Mr Abbott.

“I’m calling to let you know that this election you have a choice,” the call said.

“You can vote for Peter Dutton’s ally Tony Abbott, who drove the coup that removed Malcolm and has been a driver of the non-stop instability of the party.

“With people like Tony in office, there is no hope of stable government under the Liberals.

“Or, you can vote for someone who has integrity and standing up for action on the climate crisis.

“A vote for Tony Abbott is a vote for more climate chaos and more chaos in Canberra.”

Tony Abbott received just 39 per cent of the primary vote in his former seat of Warringah.

Tony Abbott received just 39 per cent of the primary vote in his former seat of Warringah.Source:AAP

The younger Turnbull became increasingly vocal after his father was toppled last August, publicly urging voters in Wentworth to send the Liberal Party a message by voting against it.

Last October, he suggested they should choose independent candidate Kerryn Phelps.

Ms Phelps ended up conceding defeat to Liberal candidate Dave Sharma by a narrow margin.

He also gave a radio interview to Triple J naming the top five “crazy” MPs and senators, with Mr Abbott — who he described as “a singularly destructive human being” — at the top of the list.

Peter Dutton, Angus Taylor, Kevin Andrews and Eric Abetz also made that list.

Mr Abbott received just 39 per cent of the primary vote in his former seat of Warringah. After preferences, Zali Steggall had almost 58 per cent of the vote in what has always been a super safe Liberal seat.

In his concession speech, Mr Abbott said: “It’s also clear that in some, what might be described as wealthy seats, we’re doing tough and the green-left are doing better.

“Where climate change is a moral issue, we Liberals do it tough. Where climate change is an economic issue, as tonight shows, we do very, very well.”


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