Julie Bishop says ‘Bye Bish’ to Tony Abbott in sensational style

When it was called that Tony Abbott had lost his hotly contest Warringah seat tonight, all eyes were on the former foreign minister — and she made sure she gave us a good show.

The former Liberal Party deputy is kicking people out of their seats as they lose with her now famous red heel on Channel 9’s election coverage, and she didn’t hold back giving Mr Abbott the J-Bish Boot.

“You have no idea how this grieves me to do this,” she said when asked to call it with a kick.

She then asked co-panellist Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek to join her.

Ms Bishop hesitated before moving toward the ruby red slipper and asked the panel if they were sure it was time.

“Just before we do this, are you sure it’s not too early?” she asked.

But Ms Plibersek got in quick with a burn.

“It’s about six years too late,” she laughed, clearly enjoying the moment a lot more.

Ms Bishop took to counting down the kick and in a sassy move threw her hands in the air.

She then explained how she was “very sad”, but said Mr Abbott was clearly out of step with his electorate on climate change and same-sex marriage.

“He is a (climate) denier personified and out of step with his electorate,” she said.

“Tony was not on the same page. And the same-sex made issue, where Warringah had one of the highest votes in support of same-sex marriage and Tony abstained.

“That clearly did him a lot of damage.

“You have to be alive to the aspirations and thoughts of your electorate and major issues.”

The moment Julie Bishop put her hands in the air after she booted Tony Abbott out of Warringah. Picture: Channel 9Source:Supplied

Ms Bishop asked Ms Plibersek to join her. The Labor MP was naturally delighted. Picture: Channel 9

Ms Bishop asked Ms Plibersek to join her. The Labor MP was naturally delighted. Picture: Channel 9Source:Supplied

While most viewers enjoyed the moment, others simply found it awkward:

Earlier in the night Ms Bishop provided a sassy comeback when the conversation took a heated turn.

“Julie Bishop, do you think maybe that your party would have been a better chance with you as leader, to have won the election?” she was asked.

“Well we will never know, as I’m not in this campaign,” she replied.

“While that is a very interesting figure, the leadership of the Liberal Party was determined last August. I put my hand forward, but the party chose Scott Morrison. We cannot criticise the work Scott Morrison has done in this campaign. He has been unrelenting and very energetic.”

Ms Bishop said she had contributed to the campaign by doing fundraising behind the scenes and some robo-calls.

“I know they annoy people, but they are necessary,” she said.

“I did the fundraising for my campaign in Curtin. But the question of the leadership of the Liberal Party was determined last August.”

“Determined again and again!” interjected Ms Plibersek.

“Come on, I don’t want to have to go back to the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years,” Ms Bishop shot back.

Nine has replaced the “boot” it normally uses to kick out losing candidates in honour of Ms Bishop’s appearance on the panel.

“I remember that pair of shoes very well. It is my functional work boot. A little more stylish than some work boots, but nevertheless, the ruby red slipper. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. I think that is going to be put to good use,” Ms Bishop said.

Those famous red heels are now in Canberra’s Museum of Democracy, incidentally.

Praised for her style, her black outfit choice for the evening is a far cry from the sparkly blue number she wore for the Federal Budget.

Last month she told Today Extra hosts Richard Wilkins and Sonia Kruger she’d be putting a bit of thought into what she wore for Nine’s coverage.

“As soon as the Prime Minister calls the election, I’ll go straight to the wardrobe and find something highly appropriate,” she said.

But the black choice didn’t go down as well with tonight’s Nine hosts.

“You’re wearing black — for a wake? Is it going to be a victory,” she was asked.

“It means we are back in black. This is about being back in surplus,” she responded.


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