Find your nearest polling place and democracy sausage this election

Where can I vote? How do I get there? Where can I get a cake on voting day? I don’t want a cake, where can I get a sausage? Where can I get a cake AND sausage and vote?

And who better to ask than Google?

The search engine and internet giant has created an interactive map that provides all Aussies with voting map data, showing you local polling places and other election day information.

Type your address below and the interactive map will show you the nearby places you can cast your vote.

The interface also provides other vital information, including how to get there, if the polling place is wheelchair accessible and, importantly, whether the polling place sells cakes, sausages, both, or none.

Typing in your address will also reveal which division you live in, the number of voters and give you the ballot paper information, if you feel like brushing up on your local candidates.

Click below to view the map and check where you can cast your vote this federal election day.


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