Baby ‘wrapped in towel and left in gutter’ by mother

Now grown up and with a family of her own, Ms Prangs is determined to find her natural mother and get answers about why she was abandoned.

“I was dumped outside of the hospital, wrapped in a towel, placed in the gutter,” Ms Prangs told Sunday Night True Stories.

In a heartwarming turn of events Ms Prangs was adopted by an Australian couple and brought halfway across the world where she grew up a “typical Aussie kid”.

“I’m very blessed to be able to call them mum and dad,” she said.

Abbi Prangs is searching for answers on Sunday NightSource:Channel 7

Now, with the help of Sunday Night reporter Matt Doran, Ms Prangs has travelled to her country of birth to find out the truth.

“I always thought there was something missing,” Ms Prangs told Doran, revealing that having a family of her own prompted her to try and track down her mother.

When she returns to Zimbabwe to begin her search, Ms Prangs is hopeful she will have “one of the most important days of my life”, but quickly discovers getting answers isn’t easy.

Getting answers wasn’t easy for Ms Prangs

Getting answers wasn’t easy for Ms PrangsSource:Channel 7

The search was frustrating for Sunday Night too, with reporter Matt Doran snapping at one official

The search was frustrating for Sunday Night too, with reporter Matt Doran snapping at one officialSource:Channel 7

She is brought to tears during a conversation with one woman who she believes “knows something” but won’t tell her.

Ms Prangs isn’t the only one frustrated, with Doran also getting into a tense confrontation with one man he believes isn’t being upfront.

“This is a young woman’s life you’re messing with,” he says.

Ms Prangs’’s search comes to an end in a shocking twist, with Sunday Night host Melissa Doyle describing it as “an epic story of courage and survival”.

Watch Ms Prangs’ story unfold Sunday at 8.30pm on Channel 7


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