Brawl at MCG during Collingwood-Carlton game

“There was women, children – innocent people getting hurt. Families were panicking,” he said

“It really snowballed. I had to almost shield my little brother from getting hurt”.

Mr Curnow said his father, an off-duty policeman, ran to get authorities to intervene in the violent scuffle.

“The response was terrible, the fight was going on for two or three minutes before any security turned up at all,” he said.

“They were verbally arguing for a good few minutes before it came to blows,” he said. “Blind Freddy could have seen where that was going to go,”

“It was ridiculous, it took so long for them to turn up”.

Once police arrived, Mr Curnow said the drama continued as they attempted to wrangle the men from the front of the packed bay.

He described the bay becoming swarmed with police and security, with bystanders become ensnared in the violence and some fighting police.

“It was a sour end to what was a pretty good game,” he said.

A caller to 3AW named Robin also recounted witnessing “four full on punch on fights”, claiming she’d seen people knocked out while sitting in the M12 bay of the Carlton members area.

It comes just one week after another ugly incident at the MCG last Saturday where an intellectually disabled man was bashed after a Hawthorn/Melbourne match.

A 34-year-old Baxter was interviewed by police earlier this week and was expected to be charged on summons with assault-related offences.

“Security didn’t react quick enough so members of the public had to get in to stop these fights, including me,” he said.

“I haven’t seen something so physical and so violent for many many years.”

The woman, who is in her fifties said, said missed the last five minutes of the game because she had been involved in breaking up the fights.

She estimated there had been five police and more than 10 security guides around that swooped on M11, M12 and M13 to break up the violence.

Mr Curnow described seeing the Collingwood fan with a bloodied head handcuffed outside the stadium as he left, but as of 5.30pm Victoria Police had not confirmed any arrests.

More to come.

Rachael Dexter is a journalist & audio video producer at The Age.

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