Aussies shiver through freezing weather

After months of unusually warm weather, winter is almost here, with the country’s southeast in for particularly chilly weather over the next few days.

A cold front is set to blast South Australia and Victoria with damaging winds and rain, before moving north and bringing even more cold weather to NSW.

Sydney woke up to a very chilly morning today, with parts of the city experiencing temperatures below 3C.

Residents in Camden and Badgerys Creek shivered through a freezing 2.4C morning. This is the coldest morning Sydney has seen all year.

The city was slightly warmer at 9.5C.

A second cold front is expected to blast the southeastern states. Picture: Sky News Weather.Source:Supplied

Meteorologist for the Bureau of Meteorology, Mohammed Nabi, told that more cold weather was on the way for the state.

“A cold front went through yesterday across the state and there is another one on the way. The second cold front will come through tonight and into tomorrow,” Mr Nabi said.

Though the change in temperature may seem drastic, these temperatures are very common for this time of year.

In fact, these colder temperatures usually start to come through a lot earlier.

“This cold snap is coming through very late this year as we head towards winter,” Mr Nabi said. “We have been experiencing abnormally high temperatures for the last few months.”

The cold front is expected to bring rain and snow to the southern and eastern parts of Australia.

For the first few months of the year, Adelaide only got about 10mm of rain but in the last 10 days alone it has seen rainfall of more than 30mm.

Adelaide is in for some wild weather over the next few days. Picture: Sky News Weather

Adelaide is in for some wild weather over the next few days. Picture: Sky News WeatherSource:Supplied

The wet weather will continue for South Australia today, with a severe weather warning in place for Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Cleve, Ceduna, Maitland and Kingscote.

Damaging winds, rain and thunderstorms are expected for this morning, with conditions easing in the afternoon.

The cold front will bring rain and strong winds to Victoria as well, with flash flooding possible for both Victoria and South Australia.

The cold weather might also bring some snow to the Victorian alpine region.


Sydney is expected to warm up from its chilly start this morning and reach a maximum of 21C.

The temperature is expected to stay between 20C and 21C until Sunday, with a chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon.

However, the mornings are still expected to be very chilly.

It will be a wet day for Melbourne today, with up to 10mm expected to fall across the city.

Residents can expect to see a maximum of 17C today, which will drop to 14C on Friday before coming back up for the weekend.

Canberra can expect a mostly sunny day today with a top of 15C. The temperature will fall to a maximum of 12C tomorrow and there will likely be some rain around in the morning and afternoon.

The rain will clear for the weekend, with temperatures hovering around 17C and 18C.

Up to 20mm of rain could fall across Adelaide today, with strong winds and the chance of a thunderstorm and hail later in the evening.

The temperature should reach a top of 15C, increasing to 16C for Friday then up to 18C for the weekend.

The rain will stick around until Saturday when it will start to ease and clear for Sunday.

It is going to be a rainy day for Hobart was well, with 8mm expected to fall in the afternoon and into the evening.

The city will reach a top of 16C, which will fall to 13C for Friday before coming back up again in time for the weekend.

Brisbane residents are in for a sunny day today, with a top of 26C. The warm weather will continue into Friday which will see a maximum of 28C before cooling down slightly to 23C on Saturday.

Darwin will be the hottest out of all the capitals today, reaching a maximum temperature of 30C.

There is a chance of a light shower today, which will lead into a partly cloudy weekend with temperatures staying around the low 30s.

Perth is in for a sunny day today and Friday, with temperatures reaching 23C and 24C.

Temperatures will remain steady on Saturday and Sunday.


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