Cranky Lyon cuts short post-match conference after loss to Crows

“The grass probably was (a 50-metre penalty). I haven’t seen the replay of it.,” he said.

“Was it around the edges and marginal, the grass, or was it a clump of grass? I don’t know.

“Probably to the strict letter of the rule, you probably shouldn’t throw some grass.”

When asked if he’d ever seen a player on the mark throw grass at his opponent, Lyon replied: “I haven’t seen the footage, so I can’t comment.”

Lyon suggested Tucker’s indiscretion was costly, but correct.

“He dropped the ball in possession and needed to return it on the full,” Lyon said.

“Some were black-and-white … it’s costly in a tight game.

“Sometimes the rub of the green doesn’t go your way.”

When pressed on the Tucker call, Lyon bristled.


“I’ve never really commented on umpires, even after losing a grand final when the ball’s hit the post for a point in ’09 (Tom Hawkins, Geelong versus St Kilda), so I’m not going to start talking about them in a home-and-away game,” Lyon said.

“The game’s got enough beauty in it and enough analysis without drilling in.

“Our umpires have an incredibly difficult game to umpire.

“Players make more mistakes than umpires, so let’s focus on the two teams because I think then you get a more in-depth analysis and a more interesting article.

“Thanks guys.”

Four minutes into the presser, Lyon started getting out of his seat before more questions came.
Asked if the match was a good test for his players ahead of next week’s clash against Richmond, Lyon replied: “Positive test, good test. Thank you.”

Then asked if there were any injuries to come out of the match, Lyon was unable to comment.

He was already gone.

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