Bill Shorten admits Liberal Party’s border protection policy was correct, Scott Morrison reminds voters on previous Labor failings

Journalist Mark Riley begins with a question on trust and notes its the fourth election where the prime minister elected at the last election is not the same one being presented at the following poll. 

Scott Morrison says changes happened under both Labor and Liberal, that they shouldn’t have happened and both parties have changed their rules meaning the next election will see the prime minister elected at this poll front up for a second time. 

“Trust is about the demonstration of performance, as Immigration Minister I said I’d stop the boats and I did…as Treasurer I said I’d bring the budget back to surplus and I did,” he says. 

Trust is not just a vulnerability for the relatively new prime minister. Riley now homes in on Bill Shorten’s own role in the demises of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. 

He flips the answer to one about overall trust in the system and says he wants a federal corruption commission to hold MPs accountable. 

“My parties united,” he says. Then says because of the preference deals, his concern is that you vote Morrison but “get [Clive] Palmer and [Pauline] Hanson.”


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