Anning supporter in physical altercation with photographer

A 19-year-old man was detained by police in Sydney’s south after allegedly engaging in a physical altercation with News Corp reporter Eliza Barr and photographer Dylan Robinson.

Anning was in Duningham Park in Cronulla with his candidate for Scott Morrison’s seat Cook, Peter Kelly.

Some of Anning’s supporters were present for the press conference, and took exception to Barr’s line of questioning.

They then followed her out of the park. Robinson went to see if she was OK.

Video footage shows the altercation started as Robinson walked up alongside the 19-year-old man and started to raise his camera. The man then lashed out, swatting at the camera before grabbing Robinson’s shirt and swinging at him.

Picture: AAP Image/Andrew LeesonSource:AAP

Picture: AAP Image/Andrew Leeson

Picture: AAP Image/Andrew LeesonSource:AAP

Picture: AAP/Andrew Leeson

Picture: AAP/Andrew LeesonSource:AAP

“Hey, stop. Stop! Help!” a bystander shouted.

She took the 19-year-old’s side, telling Robinson: “You came up to threaten.”

“No,” he replied.

“Yes you did, I saw it all,” she told him.

“I asked him what he said,” the photographer said.

Another man then entered the picture.

“If you don’t want to aggravate the situation, go that way,” he said to Robinson.

“Walk away,” Barr told the man.

“I don’t have to walk anywhere. And you need to understand what’s happening all over the world,” he responded.

“He’s already in trouble. He just abused me,” Barr said, motioning at the 19-year-old.

“I understand that, that’s not acceptable,” he said.

Cops eventually loaded the young man into a police wagon. He was taken to Sutherland police station to assist them with their inquiries.

The 19-year-old. Picture: AAP Image/Joel Carrett

The 19-year-old. Picture: AAP Image/Joel CarrettSource:AAP

Picture: AAP

Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Picture: AAP

Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Picture: AAP

Picture: AAPSource:AAP

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Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Anning has yet to comment on the incident, though he has found time to tweet about banning Muslim and “black” immigration.

His party officially entered the election race today, and its candidates were about as wild as you would expect.

Among them is Shane Van Duren, a veteran with a criminal history that includes assaulting a police officer and choking an RSPCA inspector, and Julie Hoskin, a former councillor whose undischarged bankruptcy means she’s currently ineligible to sit in parliament.

Anning’s party calls for “an immigration program that gives preference to those best able to integrate and assimilate”. It opposes same-sex marriage and supports loosening gun laws.

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News Corp photographer Dylan Robinson (left) and reporter Eliza Barr after the confrontation. Picture: AAP

News Corp photographer Dylan Robinson (left) and reporter Eliza Barr after the confrontation. Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Picture: AAP

Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Picture: AAP

Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Picture: AAP

Picture: AAPSource:AAP

Picture: AAP

Picture: AAPSource:AAP

The Liberal National Party has announced it will preference Anning’s candidates last in every Queensland electorate, with the sole exception of Longman, where it says the Australia First party is “even worse”.

That decision contradicts what Capricornia MP Michelle Landry told Rockhampton’s Morning Bulletin earlier. Ms Landry indicated she would prefer to preference Anning’s candidate in the seat above Labor and the Greens.

“Obviously head office makes the final decisions on it all but I’m pretty sure there will be a mix of them down the bottom there, and Greens and Labor will certainly be there,” Ms Landry said.

“I do not agree with Fraser Anning, so he will probably be third-last.”

Ms Landry later said she “abhorred” what Anning stands for and acknowledged his candidates would indeed be put last on her how-to-vote cards.

Conservative Senator Cory Bernardi was interviewed about the violent incident on Sky News this afternoon.

“There’s no excuse for violence in political campaigning. I’m never going to condone that,” Mr Bernardi said.

“Fraser Anning, his policy agenda is not my cup of tea at all. I’ve seen him chase some rabbits down some very dark burrows.”

But he indicated he would not preference Anning’s candidates last, instead reserving that spot for either the Communist Party or the Greens.

“The Labor Party once again say, you’ve got to put One Nation last. You’ve got to put Fraser Anning last. You can’t put both of them last. You’ve got to choose between them,” he said.

“I would put the Communist Party last, I would put the Greens last, because I think they’re absolutely dangerous.”

The Prime Minister described the attack on Robinson as “appalling”.

Scott Morrison was asked about it during a press conference held in Gladstone, north of Brisbane.

He was asked whether he had done enough to condemn Anning’s anti-Islamic and racist behaviour.

“I have done it, and I haven’t minced my words about it, as you would well know,” he said.

“That type of behaviour has no place in Australia, that type of violence that we’ve seen today. And I’m glad our local police and security people down in the Shire have taken that matter into hand.

“There’s no place for that in Australian politics either. People should be able to go to work, whether you’re a photographer or anyone else, and not be subjected to that sort of violence.

“I find it absolutely appalling.”


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