Apple fails in legal bid over Swatch trademark

The tech icon would feign the conclusion of a presentation, then say “one more thing” and go on to announce something else. He used the phrase from 1998 to 2011 to unveil products such as the iPod mini, iPod Shuffle, MacBook Pro, Apple TV and FaceTime.

His successor, Tim Cook, has also used the phrase, most notably when unveiling the Apple Watch in 2014.

Steve Jobs made the phrase “one more thing” famous during his keynote speeches announcing new Apple products. Credit:AP

Mr Richards agreed with Swatch that Apple had never used the phrase in connection with any “particular” goods or services and only in presentations.

“These words, used once before introducing a particular new product or service of the opponent [Apple], are then never used again in relation to that product or service,” the judgment read.


“Patchy and temporary use does not have the character of indication of a trade source. Also weighing heavily against the opponent on this issue is this ordinary meaning that the phrase carries — simply that the speaker is about to say something else. Again, in each of the opponent’s examples.”

Swatch argued it used the phrase to market a “film noir”-inspired set of watches and claimed that use was influenced by television detective “Columbo”, who would often say “just one more thing”.

Apple, Swatch and their lawyers have been contacted for comment.


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