Adani backed by Coalition MP Michelle Landry to stop women ‘cooking with cow dung’


The former Greens leader said the protest convoy of about 600 people would remind Australians their votes could affect the mine’s future.

“Either they vote for a future which is safe, or they vote for all the problems, including economic and employment problems, which come out of global warming impacting on our economy for current children, and indeed for ourselves,” Mr Brown said.

The mine would provide 1500 direct jobs including in the regional centres of Rockhampton and Townsville, Ms Landry said, and many more in support roles.

“We’ve had really tough times over the last five or six years in the mining sector,” Ms Landry said. “A lot of people have lost jobs, a lot of small towns have been on the verge of closing. Adani has been a shining light for us.”


Labor has been accused of equivocating on the mine as it attempts to win seats in both Queensland, including Capricornia, where its candidate Russell Robertson is a third generation coal miner, and Victoria, where there is greater concern about climate change.

Mr Robertson has signed a pledge organised by the CFMMEU stating: “I support coal mining jobs and recognise their value to our communities … I support approval of coal mining developments that meet regulatory requirements”.

The Adani mine has federal approval to go ahead, but is awaiting clearance in Queensland.

Ms Landry said Adani had donated to her campaign, but did not know how much the mining and energy giant had provided.

“They have attended a couple of functions as a number of other organisations have, but I don’t control the finances of my campaign so that certainly doesn’t sway me,” she said. “As I say, my main job is to look after the people of Capricornia, it’s about jobs for the people of Capricornia.”


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