Bill Shorten pledge for ‘no new tax’ at odds with Labor superannuation policy

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has overlooked a key part of his policy platform by telling Australians he has no plans to increase taxes on superannuation, despite a stated policy to raise tens of billions of dollars from changes to super.

The Labor election plan includes changes to super contribution rules and higher earnings taxes on those on high incomes, going further than the controversial Coalition changes put to the last election.

Bill Shorten denied Labor would increase taxes while speaking to the media on Tuesday – in apparent contradiction of his party’s policy.Credit:AAP

“We have no plans to increase taxes on superannuation,” Mr Shorten said on Tuesday while campaigning in South Australia.

But the government estimates the Labor changes would increase tax revenue by $34 billion over a decade, although an earlier Labor estimate put the revenue at $19 billion.


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