Anti-Adani protesters storm Morrison speech in Brisbane

One woman carrying a stop Adani protest flag managed to reach Mr Morrison’s side as he began his address at the Valley Chamber of Commerce business lunch.

There were about 100 anti-Adani and refugee protesters outside the event.

A protester (centre) is removed from the Valley Chamber of Commerce.Credit:AAP

Australian Youth Climate Coalition organiser, Melanie McAuliffe, said they wanted to highlight LNP government’s inability to react on climate change.

“We just had a summer of unprecedented heatwave, bushfires and floods and yet this government still continues to ignore what we need to do to address the climate crisis.”

Several teenagers said they were looking for action to save the planet.

Jo, from Cleveland, told the crowd outside the business lunch that all she wanted was a future.

“I am 17 years old and I want is for our government to do what they need to to save the planet,” she told the crowd.

“This is our home, this is what houses us, we have a responsibility to care for it.”

The protesters mocked Morrison government’s claims they were on track to meet the Paris climate commitment.

They chanted “hey Scomo, I’m talking to you, no Adani and no Nauru” and yelled “bad for business” as people entered the venue.


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