Craig Bellamy calls for crack down on late hits on playmakers

“That’s the one we have to be really hard on and we’ve seen what happened to Cooper on Thursday night.

“We don’t want that happening to our playmakers. You have a mid-80 kilogram guy being hit by a 110-kilogram guy, that can cause some damage, especially when they are not looking.”

The NFL became much more vigilant against late hits on quarterbacks in the past 20 years and they have since seen a number of superstar playmakers enjoy even longer careers as shown by Tom Brady who is still playing in his 40s.

“That’s how it is with your key position players – it’s hard to get a good one and when you get a good one you don’t want him spending time on the sidelines,” Bellamy said.

“All clubs would agree with that view.

“Sometimes it can’t be helped as they are going out hard but as long as they try to slow up and not make that contact hard then that’s where we can improve it.”

The Storm play Canterbury Bulldogs at AAMI Park on Sunday at 4.05pm.


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