Breast cancer patients to save up to $1500 for MRIs, no matter who wins election

The government expects about 14,000 patients a year will benefit and will save up to $1500 per scan.

Mr Hunt also announced a new Medicare item for PET scans for women with advanced breast cancer from November 1, saving roughly 10,000 patients per year up to $1000 per scan.

“I want to ensure we support Australians diagnosed with breast cancer by reducing out-of-pocket costs and ensure their diagnosis and treatment is supported by the most contemporary scans,” he said.

On Friday, Labor leader Bill Shorten committed to working with experts to introduce Medicare subsidies for the scans if Labor wins the election.

“Medicare already subsidises similar MRI scans for men with prostate cancer – but not for women with breast cancer, except in extremely limited circumstances,” Mr Shorten said.

“Some women may forgo these scans altogether because they simply cannot afford to pay the high out-of-pocket costs,” Mr Shorten said.

“This is unacceptable. It’s time we supported these women and their families.”

Men with breast cancer will also have access to the subsidies.


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