Australians bin $8.9b worth of food a year

Australians cut their total food wastage by $700 million last year, but experts say we are still buying too much from the shops and letting too much produce go off before it can be finished.

A survey of Australia’s consumption habits by rural-focused lender Rabobank has revealed each household binned an average $890 worth of food last year, contributing to a total annual wastage bill of $8.9 billion.

Costly waste: The average Australian consumer throws out 300 kilograms of food each year.Credit:Sasha Woolley

Friday’s survey showed Aussies are slowly improving their habits, with the 2018 wastage figure down 7 per cent from $9.6 billion in 2017, but the country remains firmly in the world’s top five for waste per capita – each person binning nearly 300 kilograms of food annually.

“While it is pleasing that Australian consumers are wasting less food compared to 12 months ago, there is clearly much to do to raise awareness about food production and waste and more urgently implement better practices to reduce waste,” said Rabobank Australia’s head of client experience Glenn Wealands.


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