Alastair Clarkson wants Hawks on AFL flag track

“But while there’s still an appetite to grow some of these younger players and find the new generation of players, I’d want to make sure the club is in a really good position to hand over to the next person.”

The Hawks beat the Crows despite being without star recruits Tom Scully (ankle) and Chad Wingard (calf), but Clarkson expects the pair to be back soon.

“(Scully) will play footy in the next two weeks, whether that’s Box Hill (in the VFL) or Hawthorn, unless there’s a hiccup – the same with Wingard,” Clarkson said.

Clarkson also backed calls for a best-of-three grand final series, but is unsure how it would work.

He pointed to overseas, with competitions such as the NBA and Major League Baseball deciding their champions with play-offs.

“I actually like the idea, the concept – but how it would work, I’m not too sure,” he said.

“It would be good to see a best of three of best of five, but in our game, how do you do that?”

Clarkson is no fan of the AFL’s clampdown on runners and called the new rule an over-reaction.

It is part of several new rules brought in for this season and Clarkson said they needed four or five weeks before they can be assessed.

Clarkson has mixed feelings about the maligned AFLX, lauding its benefits for youngsters and women.

But he questioned where it fits into the AFL.

“It’s a great concept – how it fits into the schedule of our season, I reckon it had whiskers on it, putting it in February,” he said.


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