Brad Hardie fires back at critics


Ballantyne said the club’s alcohol policy meant no drinking on short turnarounds, and no drinking when injured.

He characterised it as a standard policy in professional football.

Hardie returned fire on Radio 6PR on Sunday and said Ballantyne’s comments likely stemmed from his club.

“That was scripted as far as I was concerned. That was Fremantle Dockers speech – you know, fabrication, all that sort of stuff,” he said.

“It’s never been about attacking Jesse Hogan as a person either. It’s about the way that this club is run and unfortunately they’ve started on the back-foot … ever since all we’ve tried to do, now whether they feel it’s that way or not, is try and help them get in the right direction.

“They’ve been playing catch-up footy and they’re going into their 25th year or thereabouts and we’re still talking about the same problems they had in year one.”

Hardie also criticised Ballantyne himself, and made comments about the relationship between the player and coach Ross Lyon.

Brad Hardie has fired back at his critics.Credit:Trevor Collens

“Is this the same bloke who runs around and pretends to be a footballer for Fremantle?” he said.

“A cardboard cut out would give more output than him. Is this the same person who at the end of 2016 wanted to get out of the Fremantle Football Club and was almost in tears begging for someone to get him to the West Coast Eagles? And fortunately they rejected the overture?

“Is this the same guy that every time Ross Lyon farts his head pops out? Is this the guy [that if] you want on a trip to the back of his mind it’s not a long journey? I can assure you of that.

“I’ll leave it at this … if I ever have to take advice from him please, bring the covers out and shoot me.

“I think it’s high time that a few of the Fremantle supporters and a few others got a chance to have a say in how this club is run because right at the moment, it’s not being run well.

“I like helping educate the public because too often there’s too much AFL-speak. The second language of the AFL is lying. I think people should be made aware of that.

“Don’t shoot the messenger, we’re just trying to relay to you exactly what is going on and it’s up to people to decide for themselves if they want to believe them or us.”

Fremantle are due to play North Melbourne at Domain Stadium at 3.20pm on Sunday.

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