Cats ruck says controversy has stolen spotlight from prelims

“Women’s sport, you know people say it should be just sport, it should all just blanket term ‘sport’. But I think women’s sport has had this unique history, this unique trajectory of lack of opportunity and we shouldn’t ignore that, because that’s inequality that’s occurred. So we’re essentially catching up in a lot of ways.

“I know there are comments about women’s football … we’re not blind to [what we] produce, we understand what our game looks like.

Time are changing: Geelong ruck Erin Hoare.Credit:Simon Schluter

“But we have to understand where we’ve come from and the lack of opportunity that’s existed and how extraordinary that we are, where we are now and where we’re going to be.”

She stressed that achievements should be assessed “relative to opportunity”, given the historic lack of opportunity and resources that women’s AFL has had in the past.

“I think understanding what ‘relative to opportunity’ is, what limited opportunities means and how we’ve got to overcome that to make things for the future and understanding that things are going to be different for a while.”


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