Cyclone Trevor smashes into Queensland

The Bureau of Meteorology had said the category 3 storm could intensify to a category 4 system before it made landfall south of Lockhart River on the Cape York Peninsula in the far north of the state.

Category 4 storms are classed as “severe” and can lead to significant roofing loss and structural damage, caravans are likely to blown away, dangerous debris can become airborne and power can fail. Isolated gusts can reach 279km/h.

On Tuesday afternoon, the BOM warned Trevor could bring significant impacts to the Cape York Peninsula with very destructive winds, storm tides, abnormally high tides and heavy rainfall.

Slow moving, at just 7km/h, its effect could be exacerbated with persistent and heavy rainfall over a concentred area. Cooktown could see between 250-450mm of rain over the next three days.

Queensland Fire and emergency Severe had urged people in the affected area to finalise their preparation prior to the cyclone impacting land.

“Check your emergency kit and make sure it’s stocked with essential items including food, water, dry clothes, medications, first aid supplies, important documents, valuables, a battery-powered or wind up radio and sleeping gear.”

While the system is tracking across the Peninsula its impact will be felt further south, said Sky News Weather channel meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

“In Cairns, rain, showers and storms will be heavy at times with a weekly total most likely between 200-400mm. Townsville looks to escape the heavy falls with a weekly total likely to slot between 60-120mm.

“As we move through the week that system will move into the Gulf of Carpentaria before re-deepening into a tropical cyclone and then moving into inland areas of the Northern Territory. That’s good news for farmers in Queensland and New South Wales who will see extra moisture.”

Tropical Cyclone Trevor will bring heavy rain to the state’s north. Picture: Sky News WeatherSource:Supplied

The BOM has said Trevor could reach the Gulf as early as Wednesday.

“Due to the strength of Trevor and favourable environmental conditions, the system is expected to re-intensify quickly once it moves over the warm waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria,” said Bureau meteorologist Bradley Wood on Tuesday afternoon.

“While it’s too early to say exactly where Tropical Cyclone Trevor will cross the coast, residents between Nhulunbuy and the Northern Territory / Queensland border, including Grote Eylandt need to stay on high alert.

“Unlike Tropical Cyclone Owen, Trevor is expected to be a relatively large system with impacts felt well away from the centre of the system.”

Tropical Cyclone Trevor's expected position in the Gulf of Carpentaria on Friday. Picture: Windy.Source:Supplied

Tropical Cyclone Trevor’s expected position in the Gulf of Carpentaria on Friday. Picture: Windy.Source:SuppliedSource:Supplied


The entire east coast could see soggy conditions for much of this week. That comes after parts of Sydney and Brisbane were hit with an entire month’s rain over the weekend — sometimes in just a few hours.

While southern areas of Queensland may be out of the cyclone impact zone, that doesn’t mean the weather is going to be entirely settled.

“There will likely be further storms and showers for New South Wales and Queensland for the following days, on and off, and we could see the odd severe thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening,” Mr Sharpe said.

It will be a warm week in Brisbane, reaching 33C on Tuesday and 24C on Wednesday with possible showers.

Sydney could see heavy showers on Tuesday with up to around 20mm falling with possible downpours every day towards the weekend. Temperatures around the mid twenties are expected in the Harbour City.


Similar conditions to Sydney are forecast in Canberra this week with showers but some sun creeping through. Temperatures should hover around 25C today and then 27C for the rest of the week.

It’s far more settled south of the Murray. Melbourne will see pleasant autumn days with temperatures in the mid twenties this week rising to 30C on Friday.


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