Australian Grand Prix track could be in for resurfacing shake-up

”We will have to get the report back from Michael Masi, but I think we will be resurfacing in the next year or two,” Westacott said.

Not only would that mean a smoother racing platform for the twitchy, low slung Formula One cars, but it would provide an opportunity to rethink aspects of the track.

”As the cars keep evolving we will do what we can to evolve the circuit,” the grand prix boss said.

”If that means we can make certain tweaks and changes at certain turns, then we will look at it. ”

That might mean changing the camber of parts of the track, shifting the angle of entry and exit to various corners, widening parts of the circuit and changing the acceleration and deceleration points.

”Ross Brawn [the technical director of Formula One] will also be consulted but no call will be made for six or nine months. Ultimately it will be a decision made by the [Grand Prix] Corporation who will take on board recommendations from the FIA, their track representatives and the commercial rights holder in F1,” said Westacott.

”It’s a 24-year-old old race circuit that’s standing up unbelievably well and is well and truly acceptable as a race surface now,” he added.


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