Bomb scare puts Auckland on edge

The armed officers cordoned off the station and nearby streets amid reports two backpacks were left unattended about 7pm local time.

People in the area posted footage of several loud explosions going off, understood to be the backpacks being blown up by the defence force.

Trains stopped running, restaurants were closed and people were asked to evacuate the area.

A bomb disposal robot was seen moving around the backpacks.

It came after today’s horror events in Christchurch where a gunman opened fire at two separate mosques, killing at least 49 people.

Terrified residents shared their thoughts on social media, saying they hope this is the end of today’s devastating events.

“Terrible day here in NZ,” wrote one man on Twitter.

Another wrote: “What is happening to this country”.

One woman wrote how she was still scared to use the trains.

“I’m scared. The station is open again but I’m still worried,” she said.

The situation was resolved and services resumed.


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