Aaron Carter wants to punch Michael Jackson’s accusers in the face

HBO’s explosive Leaving Neverland documentary alleges that Jackson abused the pair when they were children over a number of years. Robson and Safechuck had previously defended Jackson, who died in 2009 of a drug overdose, when he was accused of sexual abuse by others who spent time with him as children.

Carter said he spent time with Jackson and it was “gentle and beautiful and loving” and that Robson and Safechuck are profiting by lying about being molested. He told Harvey Levin on TMZ Live that compared with his experience with Jackson, there is no way they could be telling the truth.

Aaron Carter lashed Robson and Safechuck and said he wants to punch them in the face.Source:YouTube

Aaron Carter (pictured here with Jackson and his brother Nick) said he slept in Michael Jackson's bedroom when he was 15.

Aaron Carter (pictured here with Jackson and his brother Nick) said he slept in Michael Jackson’s bedroom when he was 15.Source:Twitter

“I remember having the time of my life with Michael,” Carter said. “I was about 15 years old, and I remember him sitting down with me and being like ‘This is kind of like, what you’ve got to do, Aaron, in your future, and just stay focused and stay driven.’

“I really idolised Michael the way you see Wade Robson and the other kid, whatever the hell his name is.

“When I see someone that is like okay, you’re a grown man, and when Michael Jackson was alive, you are backing him, you are up his arse, you are kissing his arse.

“You are there to testify for him under oath. And then when he dies you decide that that’s a good time to come out?

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“No. What you’re doing is you’re stomping on an icon and a legend’s grave.

“I just feel like, why not do it when he was alive man?”

Asked if he thinks it’s at all possible that Safechuck and Robson are telling the truth about the abuse, Carter said, “Not from my experience.”

“I hung out with Michael Jackson. I stayed in his bedroom.” Carter said he was 15 when he slept in a bedroom with Jackson.

“You’re lucky I’ve got something to lose now, because I would punch you in the face,” Carter said.

“How am I supposed to understand (the claims) when my own personal experience with him was gentle and beautiful and loving and embracing?

“And that was it!”

Carter was dismissive of the idea that Safechuck and Robson are not profiting from Leaving Neverland. The pair were not paid for their appearances in the HBO documentary.

He claimed to have been offered “six figures” for an interview since it aired, which he turned down.

He said he was disappointed in Robson in particular for tying his name into the debate around the film by mentioning Carter on Twitter.

TMZ has now confirmed this mention was made by a fake account.

In the documentary, which goes for almost four hours, both Robson and Safechuck address why they took so long to go public with their accusations against Jackson.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck with filmmaker Dan Reed. Picture: Taylor Jewell

Wade Robson and James Safechuck with filmmaker Dan Reed. Picture: Taylor JewellSource:AP

They allege elaborate grooming that started when they were young children and included the indoctrination of their family members. The pair describe having their careers, their educations and their livelihoods controlled, to some extent, by the pop star.

Robson and Safechuck and their family members said Jackson monitored them over the decades through daily phone calls during certain periods, and both were heavily coached by Jackson’s team of lawyers to testify for him at his molestation trials.

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