Dashcam catches driver’s angry outburst

The driver with the dashcam was driving behind the two feuding cars last week at a Westfield carpark in Chermside, a suburb in Brisbane.

The driver’s camera caught the moment the woman, driving a white Subaru, found the spot she wanted.

While the spot was clearly an easy one to drive straight into, the woman decided to reverse into it — a decision that didn’t sit well with the car behind her.

A man has been roasted for his grumpy confrontation with a driver. Picture: RedditSource:Supplied

The man flung his door open to yell at the woman. Picture: Reddit

The man flung his door open to yell at the woman. Picture: RedditSource:Supplied

Instead of reversing slightly and giving the woman a metre or two to easily complete the reverse park, he refused to move, forcing the woman to manoeuvre around him.

The woman slowly works her way in, but when she comes close to the man’s Mazda, he furiously flings his door open, jumps out of the car and screams at her.

Their fight was short-lived. Picture: Reddit

Their fight was short-lived. Picture: RedditSource:Supplied

The pair argue for a couple of seconds before the man gets back in his car and drives off.

The footage was shared to social media, with most commenters being on the woman’s side.

“Jesus, just be patient. The whole thing took twice as long as it needed to because he carried on like a tool,” one commenter wrote.

Another said the driver lost his cool over something small.

“Ha, what a sad little man. Must suck to get triggered by something so incredibly trivial,” they wrote.

“Yeah the reverse park wasn’t needed but then again those corner parking spots are a bit sh*tty to get out of but still, rage certainly wasn’t needed,” another added.


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