Coaches expect AFL to rethink runner ban before season start

“I am looking forward to having access again to the players during quarters so hopefully that will happen in the next couple of weeks,” Beveridge said.

He said he did not have specific knowledge or insight that a change was imminent but he believed it would happen.

Forward looking: St Kilda coach Alan Richardson also anticipates an AFL backflip on the use of runners.Credit:AAP

“I just can’t see how it can go on, all the players are making noise now. The theory was they are giving it back to the players and their instincts, (but) the players are saying ‘we need direction, we need to hear from the bench’.

“So I think they will listen to the players and fortunately it has taken that to bring it back but I am sure over the next couple of weeks we will go into round one and we will be able to use our runner a bit in quarters.”

Richardson said: “Personally, I don’t know why we got rid of the runners.


“I just don’t get it, but I reckon that would be a good thing (changing the rule back). I am a coach of a pretty young group so I like to be able to talk to the players and swing momentum and use it as a tool to support the group.

“We used signs late in the game, although we didn’t use too many signs. We have signs ready to go with what we want to do strategically, but it takes a long time for the players to get used to that to be able to look over at the bench. I think it would be good if we cold get more access to the runners.”


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