Comedian was dumped from The Bachelor at last second

The TV and radio regular told the Highs Heels and Hangovers podcast that he was approached by producers to be the leading man on last year’s season (which starred Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins).

“They called me,” Williams said. “They were like ‘Do you want to do The Bachelor?’ and I was like, ‘Well, I’m not doing anything for like the next five years so I can spare three months.’

Ash Williams played a gay stripper on Neighbours.Source:Supplied

“I had the auditions and then they wanted to do a camera test. So you do it with all the sets made and for an afternoon I felt like The Bachelor.

“Then they were like, ‘Pack your bags, this is going to happen really quick!’”

Williams told Highs Heels and Hangovers hosts Jana Hocking and Carla ‘Biggzy’ Bignasca that he packed a bag and waited for The Bachelor producers to call to lock everything in, but he never heard from them again.

“I was ghosted, the f***ing pricks,” he joked. “It’s fine … I don’t care.”

Network Ten opted to cast the Honey Badger instead and the season ended in farce when the former rugby player rejected both women who made the final two.

Ash Williams was almost The Bachelor.

Ash Williams was almost The Bachelor.Source:Instagram

But Nick Cummins was picked instead.

But Nick Cummins was picked instead.Source:Instagram

Williams, who has appeared on Neighbours and hosts popular podcasts The Ash Williams Show and T.E.AM Effort, denied that he was also in talks to appear in this year’s season of The Bachelor.

“Definitely not,” he said. “Every opportunity that you get, it’s about where you are at at that point of time … Right now, I just don’t think I would. I don’t really need to do it or want to do it.”

Overnight Network Ten announced astrophysicist Matt Agnew will be this year’s Bachelor with production starting this week in Sydney.

Our new Bachelor: Matt Agnew is a good-natured astrophysicist.

Our new Bachelor: Matt Agnew is a good-natured astrophysicist.Source:Supplied

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