Cladding and cracking towers prompt call for royal commission

A building reform advocate has called for a royal commission into the national industry in the wake of combustible cladding on residential towers and cracked concrete in Sydney’s newly completed Opal Tower.

Advocate group Builders Collective of Australia has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging a broad-based royal commission following “appalling failures within Australia’s residential construction sector.”

The group’s director, builder Phil Dwyer, said alongside more recent disasters like cladding-fuelled fires on Melbourne’s Lacrosse and Neo200 apartment buildings, were issues with builders warranty insurance, privatisation of certifiers and surveyors and a lack of accountability in the industry.

Opal Tower residents in Sydney Olympic Park were forced to evacuate after cracks appeared in the building.Credit:Mick Tsikas

“Conflicts of interest, poor oversight from regulating bodies, and seeming indifference from governments ensure that regulations, standards, and expectations are not being met,” said Mr Dwyer, whose group maintains a data base of 41,000 consumers and industry professionals.


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