Brad Fittler takes aim at smartphones

Brad Fittler has taken aim at “addictive” smartphones, declaring their over-use as bad for one’s health as alcohol, illicit drugs and gambling.

Speaking at the NSWRL centre of excellence as the state government announced a $400,000 funding boost for the Try League pilot program for culturally and linguistically diverse communities across NSW, Fittler called on the government to take action in setting an age limit for smartphone use.

Taken aim: Brad Fittler has slammed the “addictive” nature of smartphones.Credit:AAP

“We don’t allow kids to smoke until a certain age, we don’t allow kids to drink until a certain age, you can’t gamble until a certain age, everything else that is addictive is strict and we seem to be willing to give kids of any age a phone and they can just do whatever they like,” Fittler said. “The government could step up there, I’d say.

“If the government want to step in on all those other things that are highly addictive – just because certain things affect your health – we are finding now that the worst health of all is mental health and our phones are playing the biggest part and having the biggest sway on our mental health.”


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