BHP joins Bill Gates in backing technology to kill off CO2

BHP has invested $6 million in a company that has developed technology with the potential to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on a large scale using huge fans.

BHP said Canadian company Carbon Engineering, which counts Bill Gates among its private investors, was leading the development of “direct air capture,” a technology with the potential to deliver “large scale negative emissions”.

A digital image showing “direct air capture” technology which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere deployed on a large scale.

The technology, now operating in British Columbia, uses huge fans that draw in air. Fluids in the processing unit then bind to the carbon dioxide molecules in the air. The carbon dioxide can then be concentrated and converted into fuels, or pressurised and injected underground for long-term storage.

BHP’s vice president of sustainability and climate change, Fiona Wild, said direct air capture could play a vital role in cutting future global emissions.


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